Mosquitoes are small flying insects. Not all mosquitoes suck blood, the males do not. The female mosquitoes are the ones that bite people or animals for blood. Blood is a food source for their eggs. Mosquito bites pose a health risk for people. It is highly recommended to avoid mosquitoes and have a plan of defense against these bugs.




Using the GSI Mosquito Repellent provide a safe protection from mosquitoes. It is made from natural plant-derived ingredients: Citronella, geranium, geraniol, peppermint. The mosquito repellent is DEET free and non-toxic.

DEET is common in most standards insect repellent. This ingredient is harmful to human’s central nervous system. Many people can use natural organic repellents even in the presence of children, as they are free of such harmful chemicals. The essential oils used in the natural plant-derived repellent have a smell that repels mosquitoes, but it also have a pleasant smell. It can also be beneficial for the user, because peppermint oil can improve an individual’s concentration and make the muscles relax.


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